CBD Body Gel

Caring and healing

Handy pump dispenser – 100ml Body Gel with 250mg CBD and Aloe Vera

  • Water-based and fast absorption.
  • Has a skin-neutral approach by exactly the right combination of oils.
  • Increases the natural balance of skin flora.
  • Connects to the skins PH level naturally.
Complete care for the body's skin0%
CBD Body Gels Skincare by Dutchnaturals CBD Cosmetics
CBD Aftershave Gels by Dutchnaturals skincare cosmetics

CBD Aftershave Gel

Repair and cool the skin after shaving

Handy pump dispenser – 50ml Aftershave gel with 125mg CBD and Aloe Vera

  • Ultimately qualified for dry, sensitive and/ or red skin.
  • Supports the iritated skin from the outside.
  • Has a strong soothing effect.
  • Moisturizes the skin instantly.
  • Keeps the skin resiliant.
Naturally calming on irritated skin0%

CBD Aftersun Gel

Ultimate natural skin repair, cooling and instantly calming

Handy pump dispenser – 100ml Aftersun gel with 250mg CBD and Aloe Vera

  • Ultimately qualified for burnt, sensitive and/or red skin.
  • Supports healing of damaged skin from the outside.
  • Has an instantly cooling and soothing effect.
  • Moisturizes the skin immediately.
  • Keeps the skin resiliant.
Instant cooling and repair0%
CBD Aftersun Gel by Dutchnaturals CBD skincare cosmetic gels
Dutchnaturals CBD skincare cosmetics creams and gels

Dutchnaturals CBD Skincare Gels

CBD Skincare cosmetics by Dutchnaturals are the result of over 50 years of experience and 2 years of development. A partnership which created a line of high quality products to nourish and care for the skin, with RAW ingredients from organic hemp. Every skincare gel we produce contains a concentration of 250mg CBD (Cannabidiol) per 100ml. This makes sure all the active ingredients are well-represented and offer the best effects on your skin’s health. Combined with Aloë Vera and a number of other natural oils supporting a skin and pH-neutral approach proven to be so effective – it’s almost too good to be true. Just like nature intended!
Dutchnaturals product line

About our CBD Skincare Gels

We produce a general purpose cream and water based gel of the highest quality possible, to be used for a wide variety of purposes and applications. Empowered with 250mg CBD per 100ml for the best effects on your skin.

What we do

What we do

We distinguish ourselves with an open and personal attitude, a Dutch no nonsense mentality and product that always remains close to the plant. That is the success of a properly working product.